Friday, June 23, 2017

Administration Needs to Defend Our Steel Industry

This past April, on a 92-mile bike ride through the hills of Monterey, California, I met a young man I’m proud to call a friend, Rasheen Malone. Rasheen (pictured, in Team Semper Fi jersey) grew up in a tough section of Brooklyn, not far from where I was born. At 18, Rasheen joined the U.S. Marines. He did four tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. On one of those tours, he stepped on an IED (land mine) and had both his legs blown off. Military surgeons fixed him up—he has two rods and 13 pins in each leg, and to watch him walk you might not know it. As we biked, slowly, up the steepest part of the climb in the Monterey hills, I asked Rasheen how it feels to pull a bike uphill with all that hardware in his legs.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Feds Should Stop Chinese Acquisition of Sole U.S. Rare Earth Mine

A U.S. bankruptcy court has decided to sell a California mine, the sole U.S. source of rare earth minerals, to a consortium including Chinese mining company Shenghe Rare Earth Shareholding Co. If the transaction goes ahead, this would turn over the unique domestic producer of these vital minerals, used in many high-tech electronics products, to a Chinese-affiliated company.